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When you need a child custody lawyer for your case, Bruce C. Zivley has your back. Many cases can be settled out of court, but child custody law firms are there to help you win if it comes to a fight. We are equipped to handle the emotional weight that both parents and children carry. When looking for a child custody and visitation lawyer, look no further than Bruce C. Zivley in Houston, TX.

Custody cases can be some of the most difficult cases to take because of the pain caused to both the parents and the children. However, the right child custody lawyer can ease the stress and emotional strain. With more than 30 years of experience in family law, Attorney Zivley does not back down. He is knowledgeable of the differing laws across counties, and he is prepared to handle all aspects of custody disputes. This includes modifications, child relocation, and visitation orders in a contested divorce.

Bruce C. Zivley proudly serves the following greater Houston areas:

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  • How Can a Child Visitation Lawyer Help?

How often have you needed a child custody and visitation lawyer, but failed to find one that met your individual needs? Your search for top tier family law counsel stops with Bruce C. Zivley.

Attorney Zivley’s practice is one of the child custody law firms that focuses on three core aspects of a case: the children, the outcome, and communication. The interests and lives of the children are at the forefront of his processes, ensuring that your child’s needs are never forgotten. He will also advocate for the custody arrangement that you want. Last but not least, Attorney Zivley will make every effort to communicate with honesty and compassion at all times.

When you need a child custody and visitation lawyer, call us for your free initial consultation at (713) 600-5561. Your peace of mind is important to us, and Bruce C. Zivley will do everything in his power to get you there.

Texas courts take many different factors into account when determining custody, but hiring quality legal counsel will only increase your chances of a positive outcome. Communicating openly and transparently with your child custody lawyer will help him be prepared for any potential problems in your case. Here are a few questions to get you started:

  1. What is the current custodial arrangement between you and the other parent?
  2. In what capacity has each parent been caring for the child?
  3. In what capacity can each parent continue to care for the child?
  4. What is the mental state of each parent?
  5. How has each parent bonded with the child?

Being able to successfully answer questions such as these will only serve to benefit you. More than any other child custody law firms, the effective legal counsel of child custody lawyer Bruce C. Zivley can guide you through these kinds of questions and more.

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When facing separation and divorce, you will face problems and battles that you never could have anticipated. You might have arguments with your kids that you didn’t have to deal with before. Harsh words may be exchanged between you and the other parent that you never thought could be said.  Conflict in both households can worsen or lessen as child custody provisions are developed for your arrangement.

These are all common issues that you might know will come, but your perspective may change as you actually experience them. It’s important to have someone in your corner that has seen the pain that happens when a family breaks apart, and will be there to guide you through the many conflicts you encounter. Bruce C. Zivley is the compassionate but strong child custody lawyer near Houston, TX you need to get you through your custody battle, so you can rest easy again. Call us at (713) 600-5561 to schedule your free initial consultation.

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