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Need help establishing paternity? Bruce C. Zivley is the paternity attorney you need when facing a paternity lawsuit in Fort Bend County, TX. Paternity law involves legally recognizing a child’s biological father, which can be accomplished through genetic testing. However, paternity can also be voluntarily assumed under a variety of circumstances. Attorney Zivley understands the differing ways that paternity can be established. If you’re tired of searching for paternity lawyers near me, look no further after consulting with Bruce C. Zivley.

Bruce C. Zivley serves as a paternity attorney in the following areas:

  • Houston, TX
  • Harris County, TX
  • Fort Bend County, TX
  • Missouri City, TX
  • Sugar Land, TX
  • Rosenberg, TX
  • Pasadena, TX
  • Spring, TX
  • Cypress, TX

When you need help with your paternity law case, Attorney Zivley has your back. Call now for your free initial consultation at (713) 600-5561!

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What is a paternity attorney and why do you need one? There are several legal implications when it comes to establishing paternity. For instance, legally recognizing a man as a child's father holds him responsible for his share of child support. Unfortunately, sometimes a father may try to avoid his legal obligations during his separation and child support case. You can make sure this does not happen when paternity is established. Attorney Zivley is there to make sure all parties meet their obligations. He is the paternity law attorney you need to get a positive outcome of your case.

When should you search for paternity lawyers near me? A child's biological mother is typically easy to determine, but determining a child's biological father can be more challenging. Paternity issues typically arise during child support cases. However, there are other instances where you may need legal counsel for it, such as adoption, inheritance, and custody. A quality paternity lawyer can help you understand what your options are, and can help you understand the legal action you can take for settling paternity issues.

Establishing paternity is an important part of the child support and custody process because it can benefit the child, the father, the mother, and the family as a whole. The right paternity law attorney can help you find the answers you need and help give you peace of mind about your family's future. Many paternity cases need lawful intervention, so it's important to work with someone that can navigate the complicated legal processes involved. An experienced family law attorney is the strong voice you need in court. When disputes arise, Attorney Zivley is ready to fight for your rights.

Paternity Lawsuit

A paternity attorney can also help you establish paternity through voluntary or involuntary means. Paternity can be voluntarily assumed under circumstances like these:

  • The child is born to a married couple
  • The child is born to an unmarried couple, and the parents sign a formal acknowledgement of paternity

Paternity can be involuntarily presented under circumstances such as:

  • The mother brings a paternity lawsuit against the probable father
  • The state brings a paternity lawsuit against the probable father
  • The father brings a paternity lawsuit against the mother (as a dispute)

Seek diligent legal counsel for your paternity law case to ensure you receive the correct outcome. You can stop searching for paternity lawyers near me, and call Bruce C. Zivley at (713) 600-5561 to schedule your free initial consultation.

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